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    • Seeking Strategic Partner:

    Following paragraphs should answer your questions like

    -> Why COOLTRON need business partners?

    -> What COOLTRON stands for in partnership?

    -> What partners COOLTRON is looking for?

    To achieve the lofty goal COOLTRON set for itself a great team of good companies sharing the similar philosophy is essential. Following is a list of the key factors we believe lay the foundation of a successful long-term partnership.

    Integrity and mutual trust

    Making money is not good enough. COOLTRON want make decent money and become a company not just financially successful but also successful in terms of social responsibility. We want business partners with decency, integrity and social responsibility.

    Responsive and Responsible

    Effective and efficient communication is critical to any successful partnership. Therefore we make it a rule to answer all email, fax and phones on same day basis. More important we won't say "No Problem" when there's a problem, or worse, run away from the problem and leave the partner and the customer in the dark. We'll let our partner know as soon as the problem occurs and roll up our sleeves to work together so there's a better chance to solve the problem and save our customers and ourselves.

    Win-win mindset

    Too often people consider a partnership is a zero-sum game and try very hard to make a gain at the expense of other people's loss. Just the opposite, COOLTRON believes that by helping our partners to become more successful COOLTRON will be more successful.

    It's understandable that many other companies said same or similar things because these are proven great ideas. Unfortunately reality is that great things are easier said than done and very few companies do it well. What really makes COOLTRON standing out it that we do not just preach the philosophy but practice it on daily basis with great effort and have been doing very successful.

    We're very proud and grateful to have a great team of many fine companies who acknowledge and appreciate COOLTRON's philosophy and practice. You don't have to take our words for it. Ask our existing business partners. Or as the saying goes: The proof is in the pudding. So try us.

    We sincerely welcome more companies to joint the big family to create, share and enjoy the great success. Either you're representatives, distributors, importers, or manufacturers, please share your ideas with us. Who knows what will come out of it. This could be the most important call you made in your career.

    Please send your email to sales.usa@cooltron.com