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    Business Visiting after LFI Show
    2017-06-20 10:00:54 Cooltron

    This May, after the LFI show, Cooltron sales team visited some of valued customers both in east coast and west coast, total 2 weeks, such as Atlantic Components, America II and CAM RPC. Etc.

    Atlantic Components have been co-operated with Cooltron for many years, and we have very good business relationship for the past years. Though we contact each other closely, This time, it was bring a big confidence during the visiting, and will continue working with Cooltron to find more and more business not only fan also heat sink field.

    America II, who is one of the world's largest distributors of semiconductors and electronic components. We signed distributor agreement in 2011, and the business grows starting from recent years, both in fan and heat sink business. Both of us are looking forward to having more business in future with our co-operation.

    CAM RPC is a good distributor in PA area. This time, sales team deeply communicated with them based on current cases, and tried to help them how to approach and reach end-users with our right products. They said this was a great training.

    Besides above distributors, Cooltron sales team also visited some great users, such as Dansan, Zhone and JTL, etc. For LED lighting business, sales team also visited like Eaton Lighting & Hubell Lighting those top lighting companies.

    In general, each of our distributors and end users pay highly attention to Cooltron heat sink, especially cold forge with seamless heat pipes embedding technologies. Those technologies and samples gave them a deep impression, and also, those high performance samples brought them big confidence to develop bigger market in future. Neutex, with their satisfactions, visited Cooltron Shenzhen office after the meeting and discussion. They high accepted Cooltron technology, and hope we can have more and more opportunities.