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    Renew Distributor Agreement with Widap Electronic Components
    2017-08-14 13:57:05www.xtzlyrics.com admin

    Cooltron Industrial Supply, Inc. a leading manufacturer of standard and custom AC / DC fans, blowers, fan accessories and heat sinks, renews the manufacturing distributor agreement with widap electronic components GmbH & Co. KG, except for Germany, widap expands its territories in France, Italy, Austria, Czech, Switzerland, Romania, Spain, Holland and Luxembourg. Starting from August 1st, 2017, the new agreement enables widap to strongly serve their extensive customer base with a wide range of AC/DC fans, blowers and fan accessories.

    widap electronic components GmbH & Co. KG is responsible for the consultation and distribution of electronic components. The company is a distributor and logistics center for the Swiss manufacturer widap AG and other well-known manufacturers. Due to the central location in Dachau in the north of Munich, customers in the EU are optimally supported.

    Technical Competence
    widap qualified and enthusiastic employees also support with complex and demanding tasks.
    Reliable Delivery Performance
    In cooperation with suppliers, widap ensures a safe adherence to the required delivery dates.
    Product Quality
    Suppliers are selected carefully and sustainably. On top of that widap has been guaranteeing the best product quality for many years.
    From the central warehouse in Dachau near Munich, widap can supply you with over 10,000 stock items every day.
    Reliable Purchasing Conditions
    Because of delivery agreements with suppliers, widap can also offer long term stable purchasing and service conditions.

    widap has been making Cooltron fans, blowers and fan accessories a focus line to ramp up and to have an unparalleled focus and exposure.

    Contact information

    widap electronic components GmbH & Co. KG
    Fraunhoferstra?e 20A, 85221 Dachau, Germany
    Tel: +49 8131 61556-0
    E-mail: info@widap-ec.com