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    New Distributor Agreement with Matco
    2017-11-14 14:09:01 admin
    Cooltron Industrial Supply, Inc. a leading manufacturer of standard and custom AC / DC fans, blowers, fan accessories and heat sinks, renews the manufacturing distributor agreement with Matco Components, Inc.. Without in any way precluding Matco from making sales in other areas, the primary market area which COOLTRON is relying upon Matco to service is the State of California. The Market Area will also include any other geographic area wherein opportunities are serviced by Matco. Starting from November 1st, 2017, the new agreement enables Matco to strongly serve their extensive customer base with a wide range of AC/DC fans, blowers, fan accessories and heat sinks.

    Matco Components is a broad-line stocking franchised distributor of passive and electromechanical components including EMI-RFI shielding products. US headquarters is located in Southern California. Matco supplies technology components and offering competitive pricing, easy terms and free freight shipments. Matco also obsoletes parts department can help with long lead times and difficult part requirements/shortages. Matco offers millions of items available for immediate shipment from local stock along with World Wide exclusive global sourcing.

    Contact information

    Matco Components, Inc.
    23142 Alcalde Drive, Suite A
    Laguna Hills, CA 92653
    Tel: 949-273-5600
    Fax: 949-273-5601