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    10th Year Peak Wutong Mountain
    2017-11-14 14:14:07 admin

    10th Wutong Mountain

    10th Year Peak Wutong Mountain


    Wutong Mountain is located near the border of Luohu and Yantian, and is the tallest mountain as 943.7m in Shenzhen, China. The mountain is also source of the Shenzhen River. With an area of 31.82 square kilometers (12.29 sq mi), Wutong Mountain National Park, founded in 1989 and situated in central south part of Shenzhen, nears the Roc Bay of South China Sea in the east. It is a rare natural scenic spot in China, which is located in urban area, with coastal mountains and natural vegetations as its main scenery. With range of green hills, Wutong Mountain rises gradually from west to east.

    This November, Cooltron family had a big challenge to climb Wutong Mountain, because this is the 10th year to peak this top mountain. Timmy Lin, Cooltron Vice President, joined this important activity as his first time to be with all of members.

    Same Activity, Same Goal:
    Climbing Wutong Mountain is an annual activity at the end of each year in Cooltron. It's super excited for the big family to join this activity, and also they would like to invite their own family members to join, like senior and youth. Cooltron believe, it is a good time for everyone to challenge themselves.

    Good Family Members:
    Each time, the activity was separated to several groups to help others to the top. Small group is easier to take care of each others.

    Long-term Service Staff:
    Time flies, this is the 10th year to peak mountain, means we have some long-term staff servicing 10 years or almost 10 years at Cooltron. To thank these long-term staff, Cooltron gave a special red envelope to each of them. Cooltron is appreciated your effort!