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    LED Lighting

    LED lighting are rapidly replacing legacy incandescent and fluorescent lighting systems as upfront cost have declined considerably.

    LED lighting offers advantages over legacy systems in almost every respect including cleaner, whiter light; they are more efficient, which reduce ongoing operating cost and is better for the environment; and they last much longer, which reduces the time and cost associated with replacement.

    Effective heat dissipation extends LED longevity and reduces the total cost of the LED lighting systems by minimizing the frequency of replacement and by allowing fixtures to operate at higher power levels, thereby reducing the number of diodes that must be used in the fixtures.

    COOLTRON offers a wide range of advanced air cooling technologies designed specifically for LED applications using custom heat sinks and heat pipe thermal modules. COOLTRON can custom design cooling solutions for your LED needs.

    Commercial / Industrial

    COOLTRON offers a wide range of advanced cooling technologies specifically for high power LED lighting applications. Some people have predicted a great growth through 2016 within the commercial/industrial LED markets. LED commercial/industrial application markets include public active recreation area lighting, architectural lighting, municipal construction lighting, transportation infrastructure and more.

    Residential / Consumer

    The global LED industry has become extremely competitive. With this increasing competition and the threat of commoditization, those within the LED industry need to bring new products and solutions to the market faster and more efficiently. COOLTRON is able to design for cost and manufacturability.