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    Today's power industry includes applications related to power generation, conditioning, conversion and storage.

    As well as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), backup power generators, and static switches those are critical in several high-reliability settings such as hospitals and power plants. COOLTRON works within the power industry to provide the complex thermal solutions necessary in this ever growing and changing industry.

    Smart Grids

    Modernization of power grids to improve the efficiency and reliability of electricity services through local-level metering and monitoring has created a greater need for complex thermal management solutions. Inverters used for power conversion and adjustment in high voltage DC (HVDC) transmission systems, flexible AC Transmission systems (FACTS), and grid storage generate significant heat and require advanced thermal management solutions. COOLTRON's energy efficient liquid cooling solutions and advanced heat pipe technologies are just some of the solutions offered with the global smart grid market.

    Renewable Energy

    Power semiconductor modules in wind turbine controllers are used to "clean" generated electricity into "grid quality" power by converting it from AC to DC and back to AC again. Similarly, solar inverters are used in solar power installations to convert DC power generated by solar panels to AC power used throughout the grid. Both of these applications face significant heat challenges that require sophisticated thermal management solutions that are made more difficult as power densities increase. COOLTRON's solutions in this market range from high performance customized air cooled solutions utilizing various metal joining technologies as well as our advanced heat pipe technology. COOLTRON's energy efficient liquid cold plates are also highly effective in cooling applications within the renewable energy industry.