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    Origin of Cooltron New LED lighting and Heat Sink Business:

    Since the incept in 1999 in Walnut, California, USA, Cooltron has been devoted to Research &Development and Manufacturing of LED lighting, LED heat sink, industrial fans, blowers and accessories for over 15 years, and has also won recognition and reputation amongmany world class customers by strict product quality controls and customer-oriented services.

    To cope with today's Electronics device design trends going more demanding for newElectronics Cooling Solutions as fast cooling speed as fans and blowers, while much quieter,more flexible in size and application system integration, and more important, Worry Free incase of power or fan failures, Cooltron began adding Heat Sink products to its new Thermal
    Product line in 2011. Thanks to Cooltron's dedication to Technology Innovation and Quality Reliability, and years' over Millions US dollars investments on manufacturing facilities,Cooltron's heat sink business has grown surprisingly and substantially during such a short timeperiod – more than 50% heat sink sales growth over these three recent years.

    For COOLTRON's long-term commitments to providing Excellent but Affordable coolingsolutions for the industry supply chain, Cooltron has been investing significant amounts ofresources in state-of-the-art thermal technologies research and development, employingmost updated Extrusion, Forging, Stamping, CNC machines, and proficient technicians andassembly workers, holding strict Quality Control Policies and enforcements.

    Besides the strict QC control enforcements and ISO9001:2008 Quality Managementcertification awarded, Cooltron is also aware of its social responsibility to environmentalsustainability and has been trying every effort to comply with all necessary EnvironmentalProtection Requirements, such as RoHS and others from servicing World Class customers likeMSI, Philip, Asus, and ECO (Germany).

    Currently,Cooltron has two hundreds employees dedicated to LED lighting and Heat Sink production, which include Senior Engineers, proficient Machines Operators, and skillful Assembly Workers.

    ·Location: Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China
    ·Factory Area: 65,000 square foot
    ·Employee: About 200 employees for manufacturing